High-Performing Teams:
Building the foundation

Workshop Overview

This workshop is a Birkman solution-first product that sits alongside the Birkman Signature Suite. Solution-first products are geared toward a specific application and outcome, and use Birkman as a tool to drive the desired end goal.

This workshop is geared towards guiding intact teams toward creating the foundation for high-performance in the workplace.

8 hours of content

for all types of teams

One day or small sessions

in-person or virtually

Individual and team data

in custom workbooks

High-performing teams are driven by a common Purpose and continuously create an environment of Clarity and Psychological Safety.


The team’s uniting factor for why it exists.


An environment that aligns the team’s people and tasks.


Team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable with each other.

Workshop Content

High-Performing Teams: Building the Foundation uses these three pillars to help teams, and the individuals within those teams, assess their strengths and opportunities for growth. Throughout the workshop, participants will explore three core aspects of The Birkman Method—Usual Behavior, Interests, and Needs—both at an individual and team level.

Participants will find customized information based on their responses to the Birkman questionnaire, as well as information that reflects their team as a whole. This approach lays the foundation for creating awareness and appreciation of different personalities in the workplace, resulting in stronger, more productive teams.

Other Workshop Options

Workshop One:

C3 – Communication, Connection, Culture

Enhancing organizational effectiveness through communication and connection will deepen the culture of an organization and mission alignment.

An environment that develops a common language to address the differences of co-workers is foundational in finding success in today’s work culture. The development of a safe space of empathy and dignity for coworkers within an organization will emerge as the diverse histories, strengths, motivations, and behavioral styles of a team member are understood. This hospitable space will offer a more rewarding vocational experience that celebrates diversity as a strength, communicates with more clarity and shapes a culture better aligned for the organizational mission.

Workshop Two:


A career and team role that is the right fit is important for individual job satisfaction and organizational health.

A career congruent with unique personality traits, behaviors, and motivations will result in renewed job satisfaction and outcomes. Our workshop will serve individuals and organizations. Empowered with new insights, individuals will gain confidence in what they offer to the team; resulting in enhanced vocational joy, performance, and stronger organizational culture. Organizations will be better equipped to serve their employees as they create and nuance job descriptions and team roles. This workshop will serve: Human Resource departments in aligning roles with team strengths, college students exploring their first careers, or team members looking for a better fit within the organization.

“Kevin recently led a team-building session with our staff. He did an amazing job…. to get us all to think about how we interact with others on our team. He captivated all of us. His explanations were clear, interesting and often personal. He put all of us at ease quickly… In just two hours he did more to build a culture of acceptance, empathy, and curiosity in our organization than others had managed to do over weeks.”

— Jill Stoltzfus, Executive Director, ASJ