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Public Reading of Scripture Communities

Key proactive practices for leaders call for activities that involve community and care for their souls. The Public Reading of Scripture addresses both of these needs. These are virtual and in person gatherings, offered at various times during the week, as leaders throughout North America, and the world, join to listen to scripture. I have experienced great joy engaging Scripture in these communities. I think Paul was on to something when he said “devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture.”

Street Psalms

Street Psalms is a global ministry that develops Incarnational Leaders. They seek to gather and equip grassroot leaders from diverse backgrounds formed as missional communities in a commitment to serve among those most vulnerable in society; transforming vulnerable urban communities into cities of peace. Their weekly resource is highly recommended as is their Prayer of Vocation which can be downloaded here. 

prayers of leadership reflection


Cultivate will share relevant articles on organizational leadership from reputable sources that relate to our focus on renewing leaders and are congruent with our offered consulting areas.

3 Ways to Boost Retention Through Professional Development

by Erica Keswin

April 05, 2022

People’s lives and priorities are changing in dramatic ways before our very eyes. While increasing compensation, promoting from within, offering flexible schedules, and making remote work easier are always good talent strategies, there’s one lever leaders can pull that’s highly accessible, doesn’t have to be expensive, and gives employees something they really want: on-the-job professional development. The author offers three ways for leaders to prioritize learning and development in their organizations. 

Onboarding Can Make or Break a New Hire’s Experience

by Sinazo Sibisi and Gys Kappers

April 5, 2022

Poor onboarding can leave your employees with lower confidence in their new roles, worsened levels of engagement, and an increased risk of jumping ship when they see a new, more exciting position elsewhere. On the other hand, companies that implement a formal onboarding program could see 50% greater employee retention among new recruits and 62% greater productivity within the same group. Given that how you onboard your employees will determine their experience, managers can take the following steps to ensure they set their new hires up for success: 1) set clear goals and measures for success, 2) create a multi-departmental onboarding team, and 3) provide support throughout the onboarding journey.

Preventing Burnout Is About Empathetic Leadership

by Jennifer Moss

September, 28,2020

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to burnout prevention won’t help. Resilient leaders make quick pivots and remain nimble. Empathetic leaders dial in to the needs of their employees and adjust to the moment. And human-centered leaders give their companies a fighting chance to flourish in the middle of a global pandemic. This article explores how empathetic leaders are helping employees to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic in healthy ways, and how you can, too. Take our survey to share your own experience with burnout during the pandemic.

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