Birkman Method 

The Birkman Method remains the preferred instrument to better understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychology. It is used widely in the fields of hiring and career exploration, employee development, maximizing teams, leadership development, and executive coaching today.

Why is Berman better?

We reach further into personality.

Combine behavioral and occupational data in one assessment

There are many factors that affect a person’s career performance and satisfaction. Just looking at motivations doesn’t give the full picture.

  • We measure how employees relate to the people around them through their
    communication style, giving insights into potential gaps in an organization’s communication or culture.
  • We have data on the typical Interests, Usual Behavior, and Needs of individuals in a variety of job fields, so respondents can see how closely they match the complete personality profile of people tenured in different careers.

Examine personality and perceptions in a social context

The Birkman Method is distinct because it taps into what an individual believes about “most people” around them, providing a unique glimpse into one’s perception of both self and others.

  • Social context of a person’s Behavior promotes better self-management and awareness of their own extremes relative to social norms.
  • By seeing the ways others perceive the world, an individual can better respect and empathize with their colleagues.

Only assessment that captures underlying needs

Needs vary widely between people, and they are not observed simply from behavior – this is one of the reasons why Birkman is unique in measuring them.

  • By understanding one’s own needs, individuals are better able to recharge, stay motivated, and avoid stress behavior.
  • By understanding an employee’s needs, a manager is able to provide the support to improve morale, increase productivity, and better facilitate communication.

Established. Trusted. Proven.

Strict Validity & Reliability

Birkman has always placed the greatest importance on scientific validity and innovation. Today’s Birkman assessment is the result of decades of research and development.

High Volume and Longevity of Data

Through providing millions of assessments over the span of multiple generations, Birkman has developed consistency that Continues across time and all demographics with statistical soundness.

Extremely Loyal Users

Many consultants and companies have been using Birkman for 30+ years. Why do they stay with Birkman? Because of the life-changing impact of the assessment.

Extensive International Presence

The facets of human personality cross all borders. The Birkman Method questionnaire is used in more than 40 countries and delivered in more than 20 languages.

“The Birkman philosophy is that individuals are complex, each one possessing important strengths that are of greatest value to any workplace once they are unlocked.


In the bigger picture, it teaches an appreciation of the value of others and the knowledge that the strength of the whole lies in the variety of the strengths of the participants.”

— Sharon Birkman Fink – Birkman President & CEO