Our Mission


What We Do

Cultivate Renewal proactively serves leaders from various vocational backgrounds: harvesting a renewed passion for God, for others, and for their organizational mission.

As a result it is our mission that:

Renewed leaders continue in their leadership calling nourishing their families, communities, and organizations they serve.

New ideas and collaborative opportunities emerge across diverse geographic, organizational and vocational spectrums.

Organizations are enriched with greater vitality, health, and effectiveness in carrying out their mission.

Why We Do It

We are experiencing a crisis in leadership:

In Ministry

The Barna group stated that 38% of pastors were considering leaving the pastorate. “One of the more alarming findings is that 46 percent of pastors under the age of 45 say they are considering quitting full-time ministry, compared to 34 percent of pastors 45 and older.” ₁

In Nonprofits

A study on NonProfit Leaders indicates “that 42% of respondents believe that their job is detrimental to their mental health” and “90% of people who leave the nonprofit sector cite burnout as the primary cause for doing so.”₂

In Business

“Burnout in the American workforce …is an issue that employers and managers can no longer afford to ignore…burnout is also linked to plummeting productivity, poor retention and other factors that can impact a company’s bottom line.”

As we become more obsessed with succeeding, or at least surviving, in that world, we lose touch with our souls and disappear into our roles.”

— Parker Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life. 2004

How We Do It

Coaching & Consulting

We will utilize a variety of industry best practices in organizational assessments of behavior, motivation and effectiveness; customizing our services to best meet your organization’s unique needs. We will address key areas in your organization that will cultivate a renewed culture; empowering your group to work together more effectively towards your mission. A sample of focus areas include retention, recruitment, onboarding, leadership support, executive culture and board effectiveness.

Organizational Workshops

Being with people who share new ideas and approaches often inspires creativity, innovation and vision. We take a vocationally diverse group of 4-6 proven leaders in ministry, nonprofit and business to visit a selected global site which has demonstrated creative and innovative leadership. Participants will be immersed in a mutual learning experience with fellow travelers; challenging existing paradigms, offering inspiration and renewing their own leadership journey.

Gatherings & Retreats

As the pressures of leadership build, a new environment disrupts our routines and creates space for us to decompress, reflect, and examine our leadership journey. The retreat locations have been intentionally chosen to allow for these purposes to flourish. Our gatherings are not conferences. Rather, they are intentionally designed to be intimate gatherings of 8-10 leaders for a multi day experience while allowing time for emotional, physical and spiritual rest and renewal.

“I slowly ground down to a shell of myself. I lost a huge amount of my humanity. …I was in that place – collapsing under the weight of being a pastor/ED. After pastoring and running an organization out of myself for my entire adult life I was a mess.”

— Ministry/Nonprofit Leader