As the pressures of leadership build, a new environment disrupts our routines and creates space for us to decompress, reflect, and examine our leadership journey.  The retreat locations have been intentionally chosen to allow for these purposes to flourish. Our gatherings are not conferences.  Rather, they are intentionally designed to be intimate gatherings of 8-10 leaders for a multi day experience while allowing time for emotional, physical and spiritual rest and renewal.

Leadership Teams

Developing a high performing team is a goal for all leaders. Taking a team to a new environment and away from the routines of work will nourish your leaders, enrich connection and enhance how well your team works together. We will offer tools and a framework that will impact collaboration by helping teams apply their differentiators to improve performance, gain an understanding of individual and team strengths, motivators, and expectations. You will be helping your team build on important elements of a team: Purpose, Clarity and Psychological Safety

Cross Vocational Leaders Gathering

Being with people who share new ideas and approaches often inspires creativity, innovation and vision. We take a vocationally diverse group of 4-6 proven leaders in ministry, nonprofit and business to visit a selected site which has demonstrated creative and innovative leadership. Participants will be immersed in a mutual learning experience with fellow travelers; challenging existing paradigms, offering inspiration and renewing their own leadership journey.

Leader Retreat

Leaders often focus on the next strategy, training or “golden nugget” in their quest to increase their leadership effectiveness. What is typically overlooked or placed on a shelf for a later time is the attention a leader gives to nourishing their own leadership by paying attention to their emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. A leadership retreat will offer leaders a place of quiet refreshment that will address these foundational issues so they can better serve their families, communities, and organizations.

“Kevin, I want to thank you again for hosting us for the retreat this week. I really needed it. I have been discouraged and feeling disconnected the last several months. This week was a re-orientating of my soul. Some of it was to see the simplicity and the psalm-centered lifestyle of the brothers at the Abbey. Much of it was to be around my brothers for meals and for fellowship. Much of it was just to get away from church and family for a few days for some sabbath rest. I greatly needed this retreat. The time of rest and refocus has lifted up my head. ”

— Ministry Leader

Gather with us

North America-Based Gatherings

The Abbey of the Genesee

The Abbey of the Genesee offers a beautiful and serene atmosphere for renewal. Located in the Genesee River Valley in upstate New York participants will be invited to participate in the daily rhythms of the Trappist monks; experiencing times of liturgical prayer, Lectio Divina and times of silence and reflection. These rhythms called renowned theologian, Henri Nouwen, to spend time at the Abbey and share his reflections in his book, The Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery

The natural beauty and silence of the verdant Genesee River Valley will serve as an ideal location to be refreshed and renewed. Participants will share the Bethany Home enjoying meals, liturgy and reflection together in a place of peace.

Glen Eyrie

Glen Eyrie, located in Colorado Springs, offers an awe inspiring view of the Colorado Rockies and the Garden of the Gods. Participants and couples will be invited to daily rhythms of prayer and reflection while also being encouraged to hike and explore the natural beauty of the center. Immersed in the natural beauty of the mountains individuals and couples will soak in an atmosphere conducive to being refreshed and renewed. Participants will share the Glenview Lodge enjoying meals, liturgy and reflection together in a place of peace.

Gather with us

Global Gatherings


Our visit will be hosted by the leaders of The Remnant Generation. The Remnant Generation works to “reach, rescue and restore survivors of sexual abuse and pregnant teenage girls” with the hope “to see healed and empowered girls restored to their communities – transforming a culture of shame into a culture of grace.”

This nonprofit grew out of the experience of its founder, Annebelle, a victim of sexual abuse and child marriage. She believed by sharing her story of survival she would connect with young girls and inspire a national consciousness. Over the last 10 years this nonprofit has thrived under her leadership and has empowered a movement to stop practices of sexual abuse. Her leadership has positioned this organization to influence Uganda’s cultural understandings and catalyze national policy change in support of young women. They continue to see young women flourish as they invest in providing safe spaces, spiritual nurturing, counseling, access to education and health care, justice and job training.

Participants in this onsite learning opportunity will be inspired by Annebelle and her team observing how a nonprofit leader can create a collaborative space for leaders from business and ministry, committed to a common cause, can significantly increase impact and influence.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Our visit will be hosted by the leaders of ASJ, Association of a More Just Society. Since 1998, ASJ has been dedicated to the work of justice in Honduras and to inspiring others around the world to live out the Biblical call of justice. The leadership of ASJ serves to effect change at the systemic levels of Honduras. Their work propels them to support, strengthen and challenge leaders in large systems such as national Health and Education and the Criminal Justice System. They also embrace the call of justice locally serving the poorest and most vulnerable Honduran communities by addressing issues of broken families, domestic violence, gang activity, crime and inadequate public services.  Their service and investments locally equip youth and families to build stronger futures.

The impact of ASJ on Honduran systems and communities has been astonishing but their impact has reached beyond Honduras to leaders around the world. They have provided guiding contours of the Biblical understanding of justice while powerfully demonstrating justice in action; word and deed. The work of ASJ has been captured in the book, Call for Justice  co-authored by renowned philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff and ASJ Co-Founder Kurt Ver Beek.

Leaders participating in this onsite learning opportunity will be challenged, encouraged and gain insight from other highly effective leaders who will share their journey of impacting large systems as well as local communities in pursuit of their calling and mission.

“I needed to shut off and shut down from the workload that I really believe was killing me…. I am not sure what would have happened or what it would have taken for me to break the cycle if it had not been for the timing of this gathering.”

— Ministry Leader