Consulting Areas

Organizational Culture Review

Understanding organizational culture is a key component of leadership determining organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Every organizational culture is uniquely formed by the motivations, behaviors, and communication styles of its members. We offer a summary of your culture suggesting how to understand, enhance, and integrate key cultural components in your organizational context.

Organizational Leadership Recruitment and Retention

Providing individual and career development opportunities is a key to preventing high staff turnover. We offer resources assisting individuals in developing their unique leadership strengths and organizations develop career development pathways. These approaches will improve staff retention, provide opportunities to identify and develop leaders within and effective in recruiting new staff.

Non-Profit Board Communication and Process Review

Non-profit leaders working effectively will have a relationship of trust with the governing board. For trust to develop and grow, understanding communication styles and methods are essential. We will review the communication approaches and pathways of your board summarizing your current process and, when necessary, recommending improved processes unique to your organizational board.

Executive Leadership Team Role Review

Executive leaders communicate vision, manage the business, and lead other leaders. We will review Executive Team alignment in these roles. A summary will be provided stating how the executive team communicates and connects, their clarity of the unique strengths and roles of each executive, and the areas of potential challenge and synergy within the team.

Self Leadership Pathways and Processes

All members of your organization can be leaders. Individuals will participate in an assessment process that identifies how their unique motivations, behaviors, skill sets, and interests possess leadership qualities. The resulting self awareness will lead to greater self confidence; untapping potential, creativity, connectedness, role effectiveness and internal leadership development.

Leading and Managing Teams

Effective Leaders embrace the unique motivations and communication styles of each team member. Increasing knowledge, connection and understanding of team dynamic results in greater clarity providing feedback, coaching, and reviews. Team members who feel understood and know future performance expectations will experience greater motivation and increased joy in their role within the organization’s mission.

Onboarding New Leaders and Staff

How a new hire is welcomed will impact their confidence, motivation, performance and retention. Our onboarding process celebrates their behavioral, motivational and communication profile and facilitates conversations of mutual sharing with managers and team members. The result will be healthy communication pathways and deeper integration for both the new hire, the team leader and coworkers.


Step 1: Assessment

Selecting from a variety of assessment tools and practices that best fit your organization, we will provide a detailed summary of the communication, motivational, and interpersonal styles of participants. This will serve as a foundational guide in the process of cultivating the uniqueness of individual leaders and teams within your organization.

Step 2: Interactive Learning

Participants will collectively engage in the findings of the assessment as they share their story and insights with other participants. As they share, interweaving personal stories with others in the community or organization, greater clarity of individual contributions and collective purpose will emerge. Leaders and teams become renewed in their roles and empowered to work together more effectively.

Step 3: Customized Follow-up

Following the workshop, a summary of the assessments and interactive learning will be shared with leadership to determine the next steps to continue to renew individuals, teams, and the organizational environment.


Workshops are interactive gatherings, conducted in-person or virtually, that bring together organizational leaders, staff or board members to cultivate mutual learning, encouragement and impact.

C3 – Communication, Connection, Culture

Enhancing organizational effectiveness through communication and connection will deepen the culture of an organization and mission alignment.

An environment that develops a common language to address the differences of co-workers is foundational in finding success in today’s work culture. The development of a safe space of empathy and dignity for coworkers within an organization will emerge as the diverse histories, strengths, motivations, and behavioral styles of a team member are understood. This hospitable space will offer a more rewarding vocational experience that celebrates diversity as a strength, communicates with more clarity and shapes a culture better aligned for the organizational mission.

Career and Personality Alignment

A career and team role that is the right fit is important for individual job satisfaction and organizational health.

A career congruent with unique personality traits, behaviors, and motivations will result in renewed job satisfaction and outcomes. Our workshop will serve individuals and organizations. Empowered with new insights, individuals will gain confidence in what they offer to the team; resulting in enhanced vocational joy, performance, and stronger organizational culture. Organizations will be better equipped to serve their employees as they create and nuance job descriptions and team roles. This workshop will serve: Human Resource departments in aligning roles with team strengths, college students exploring their first careers, or team members looking for a better fit within the organization.

Contextualized Leaders and Organizations

Developing greater awareness of the context your organization serves will renew connections, strengthen relationships and increase impact. 

Using a variety of assessments, processes, and best practices, we will clarify your leadership style and organizational approach. We will also work to assess the styles and approaches of the defined field you wish to engage such as a neighborhood or community. The result is a dynamic interaction between the organization and context that will renew leaders, organizations, and the context they wish to serve. 

“Kevin recently led a team-building session with our staff. He did an amazing job…. to get us all to think about how we interact with others on our team. He captivated all of us. His explanations were clear, interesting and often personal. He put all of us at ease quickly… In just two hours he did more to build a culture of acceptance, empathy, and curiosity in our organization than others had managed to do over weeks.”

— Jill Stoltzfus, Executive Director, ASJ