As a coach we will partner with you in a creative process that will inspire development that will maximize your personal and professional potential. 

Executive Coaching Leadership Pathways and Processes

An initial assessment process will assist in identifying your unique motivations, behaviors, skill sets, and interests, and leadership qualities. The resulting self-awareness will lead to greater self confidence; untapping potential, creativity, connectedness, role effectiveness and internal leadership growth. 

Leading and Managing Teams

Increasing your understanding of the unique motivations and communication styles of each team member will develop your leadership skill and effectiveness. Increasing knowledge, connection and understanding of team dynamics will assist in offering greater clarity as you develop leaders, provide feedback, and assess performance. Team members will increase their engagement as they are better understood, allowing for a highly effective and efficient team which increases your leadership potential.

Developing an Integrated Life. Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Home and Career integration

An integrated life will impact your overall satisfaction and effectiveness at home, in the workplace and in the community. By developing a deeper understanding of your unique strengths, perceptions, traits, behaviors, and motivations you will begin to experience renewed satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Managing Conflict and Building Collaboration

A core skill of leaders is developing collaborative teams that further the organization’s mission. Often relational conflict is an obstacle that thwarts the collaborative efforts asf preferences, workstyles, and individual mindsets clash. The result is communication barriers and collaborative breakdowns. We will partner with you in how to identify and lead through conflict to collaboration.

Emerging Leader Coaching

An emerging leader requires the ability to connect with others and maintain positive relationships across the organization. In addition to industry knowledge and developing job skills, successful leaders will interact with their environment by developing self-awareness about their motivations, behaviors and blind spots. We will assist you in identifying the gaps between how you’re perceived and what you need to increase your effectiveness as a leader.


As consultants we will assist in assessing your organization in specific areas, offering a diagnostic for improvement, presenting ideas for improvement, and processes for implementation strategies.

Organizational Leadership Recruitment and Retention

Providing individual and career development opportunities is a key to preventing high staff turnover. We offer resources assisting individuals in developing their unique leadership strengths and organizations develop career development pathways. These approaches will improve effectiveness of your recruitment, enhance retention efforts, and assist in developing leaders.

Non-Profit Board Communication and Process Review

Non-profit leaders working effectively will have a relationship of trust with the governing board. For trust to develop and grow, understanding communication styles and methods are essential. We will review the communication approaches and pathways of your board summerizing your current process and, when necessary, recommending improved processes unique to your organizational board.

Executive Leadership Team Role Review

Executive leaders communicate vision, manage the business, and lead other leaders. We will review Executive Team alignment in these roles. A summary will be provided stating how the executive team communicates and connects, their clarity of the unique strengths and roles of each executive, and the areas of potential challenge and synergy within the team.


How a new hire is welcomed will impact their confidence, motivation, performance and retention. Our onboarding process celebrates their behavioral, motivational and communication profile and facilitates conversations of mutual sharing with managers and team members. The result will be healthy communication pathways and deeper integration for both the new hire, the team leader and coworkers.

“Kevin recently led a team-building session with our staff. He did an amazing job…. to get us all to think about how we interact with others on our team. He captivated all of us. His explanations were clear, interesting and often personal. He put all of us at ease quickly… In just two hours he did more to build a culture of acceptance, empathy, and curiosity in our organization than others had managed to do over weeks.”

— Jill Stoltzfus, Executive Director, ASJ