Nourishing Leaders, Organizations, and the People they Serve

Leaders are emotionally isolated, lonely, fearing failure, spiritually depleted and burning out at a record pace. Cultivate Renewal proactively serves leaders by connecting:

Renewing Leaders & Organizations

Assessments, diagnostics, processes, and implementation strategies for organizational renewal


Multi-day gathering for leaders to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual renewal

Our Team

As an experienced leader Dr. Kevin Schutte founded Cultivate Renewal when he recognized a need in the areas he was working. He now serves as the Executive Director. During the last 20 years his career has provided opportunities to serve in a variety of leadership roles. Observing the stress on leaders and the strain it places on organizations led him to develop Cultivate Renewal to address leadership and organizational gaps.

“Kevin recently led a team-building session with our staff. He did an amazing job…. to get us all to think about how we interact with others on our team. He captivated all of us. His explanations were clear, interesting and often personal. He put all of us at ease quickly… In just two hours he did more to build a culture of acceptance, empathy, and curiosity in our organization than others had managed to do over weeks.”

— Jill Stoltzfus, Executive Director, ASJ